If you can't invent the future, the next best thing is to fund it

Startups offer a high risk, high reward return to your investment - and your money will be used to address the knottiest problems humanity faces today.

Every month we decide to invest in 0-2 startups with our own money. Only then do we introduce the deal to others in our syndicate. Our deals are genuinely scarce and usually fund within 2-3 days.

Finding great deals is a matter of being embedded in the right networks and actively diligencing startups. Our online and offline networks give us access to exclusive deal flow.

Why Invest

Ethical & High Impact

All our investments are ethical and sharia compliant. We don't invest in the "sin industries" such as alcohol, gambling etc.

Low Ticket Size

The minimum buy-in to our deals is £5000.

Tax Efficient

Our investments are usually SEIS and EIS compatible. This means that you get a tax rebate in year 1 of between 30-50%.

If you think startup investing is for you then contact us using the form below: