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We are a group of Founders and Angels who invest in early stage startups. We invest in people with what it takes to execute on great ideas.
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Our philosophy
We are on your side. We are startup founders ourselves - at varying stages of funding from seed to Series E. We have multiple unicorn founders who invest with us.

When invests in you, you join a powerful team that looks out for each other.

We also believe in both profitability and scale. While we focus on long term growth over short term risk, we want our investments to be revenue-generating as early as possible.

This last year we have invested over £3m in 10 startups. We are picky about our investments, but for the ones we invest in, we open up our entire network to you and fight for you to succeed. We are well-connected with fund managers and pass on our investments to them for later rounds.

We are generally sector agnostic, but are interested in and have domain expertise in fintech, lawtech, Islamic economy startups and market-making platforms. 

We only invest in startups that are ethical and sharia-compliant.

What We Offer

We Invest Early and Fast

Whether it’s £50,000 or £1 million we give you what you need to hit the ground running. We like to be first investors, but will invest in any fundraise between Seed and Series A.

We can go from meeting an investor to investing in a week if things click. We aim to take the pain out of fundraising.

Bespoke Acceleration

We're in it for the long run. We don't have a fund we need to liquidate in 7-10 years.  We will do everything we can to help you, and build a custom support programme around your startup to ensure you succeed.

We also have deep legal and Islamic finance expertise should those be relevant to your business.

A Global Network

Our experiences give us a unique global network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and VCs to get you to your destination faster.  These are not your usual VC networks either.

Whether you’re based in London or Dhaka we will connect you with the entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors that will get you to scale faster.

Our Portfolio

“When we decided to raise our first round for Jamma, it was important for us to find investors who “got” our business and shared our vision. IFG understood that from the get-go and were phenomenal at connecting us with the right people, as well as helping us refine our pitch. I now recommend them to every good team I know.”

-Mags from Jamma
"IFG has deep roots in the UK's start-up eco-system and they have been incredible at connecting us with investors, mentors, accountants and whatever else we asked for. The founders come from legal backgrounds with top tier law firms and hence are a great strategic partner for budding entrepreneurs. I strongly recommend IFG to anyone who is looking to raise capital."

-Martin from Funding Souq

What We Look For

Scalable Technologies

Can you be the first to spot an industry change and ride the disruption wave. What is it about your product that will make you the undisputable market leader. Do you have a defensible competitive advantage that will give you an unfair market advantage. We only invest in startups that scale and can tell us how they get to £1bn.


We believe in data. No matter how small or early your business is, it is important for you to show us evidence that consumers care enough about the problem you are solving to pay for it.

Domain Expertise

We prefer domain experts. Show us that you know your industry and why you will be the one to solve a problem over your competitors.

Who We Have Invested Alongside


Who We Are

We have corporate backgrounds having worked at elite law firms. But really we’re hustlers who have built businesses from scratch. We know the pains of starting a business, and the efforts it takes to scale. And we’re looking for other founders with big dreams who don’t settle for the status quo.

Mohsin Patel
Founding Partner

Ibrahim Khan
Founding Partner

Muhammad Altalib
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